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The NNN Token represents a ground-breaking combination of traditional gold investments and modern blockchain technology. Each NNN Token is directly backed by a real gold value (1 NNN Token equals 1 gram of gold), providing a transparent and secure investment opportunity. 

This approach aims to combine the stability and value of gold with the flexibility and efficiency of digital assets to give investors access to gold investments anywhere, anytime. With the NNN token, you can rely on the timelessness of gold while utilising the innovation of digital currencies.

A particular advantage of the NNN Token is that it can be delivered at any time. If. you are in possession of NNN Tokens, you have the option of having the gold delivered to your desired address a any time. 


What does secure storage and insurance mean?

To maintain its independence from institutions, NOVEM GOLD has its own high-security vault, which is located in Austria and is insured to its full value by an internationally renowned company. This means that no matter what happens, the value of the gold purchased and stored at NOVEM GOLD is always preserved. The additional security: stored gold is a special asset and always remains in the possession of the buyer, regardless of the administration. Insurance and storage are free of charge!

Advantages of NNN Token


The NNN Token is backed by physical gold, providind stability and wealth preservation.


Easy entry into gold investments without the need to store or transport physical gold.

High liquidity

The NNN Tokens can be easily traded and transferred, offering quick access to liquidity.

Transparent storage

The gold is secuerely stored, and all information is accessible to token holders.


The tokenized form of gold provides protection against centralized financial crises.

Global tradabiliy

Tokens can be traded globally, regardless of location and time.


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