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About Us

For over 20 years, Novem Gold Group has shaped the world of precious metals trading and established itself as synonymous with reliability and excellence. As a collective of Novem Edelmetalle, Novem Exclusive and Novem Blockchain, we combine expertise, passion and a spirit of innovation to provide our customers with an exceptional trading experience. With a deep understanding of precious metals and an unrivalled commitment to first-class service, we stand by your side to realise your investment goals together.

Welcome to the world of Novem Gold Group, where tradition and progress form a fascinating symbiosis and your success is our priority.

Customised product solutions at
Novem Gold Group

At Novem Gold Group, we offer a wide range of customised product solutions that are individually tailored to your needs.

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NP (Novem Package)

Classic gold purchase for at home


NJ (Novem Junior)

Savings contract for your children and grandchildren

Website Silber.png

NPS (Novem Package Silver)

Classic silver purchase for at home



Innovative digital gold purchase

Erwachsene ).png

NE (Novem Exclusive)

Savings contract for stable value in gold



In-house token with growth potential

The advantages of our customised product solutions are obvious: by adapting them to your individual requirements, you receive a tailor-made investment strategy that precisely matches your wishes and objectives. Our diverse products offer flexibility, diversification and security to maximise your investment success. Discover the world of customised product solutions at Novem Gold Group and find the perfect product to support your investment goals and exceed your expectations

Partnerships and network for top quality

The Novem Gold Group maintains close partnerships with a large number of renowned investment companies and an extensive network of jewellers. Our expertise and specialisation in recycled gold enables us to offer gold in the form of 999.99 LBMA bar gold (Heimerle&Meule) - a sign of maximum purity and quality. Through transparent and easily traceable supply chains, we guarantee that our customers always know and can appreciate the exact origin and quality of their gold.

Our network and partnerships form the foundation for the exceptional quality and reliability that characterise our gold investments. With a deep understanding of the industry and an unwavering commitment to transparency, we set the standard for credible, high-quality precious metals investments. 


Your advantages with the Novem Gold Group

Innovation leadership in the combination of traditional gold trading and blockchain technology

Transparent and professional processing of investments

Access to first-class expertise and outstanding customer service

Expertise and experience in the field of precious metals trading

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