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Gold investments - Why gold is so fascinating

Gold Chart

The gold chart of recent years impressively outlines the reliability and appeal of gold as an asset class. For example, the price of gold rose significantly during both the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy ( 2008 ) and the Covid-19 crisis ( 2020 ).
These developments emphasise the role of gold as a safe haven in uncertain times, as investors increasingly seek refuge in this precious metal in times of economic turbulence.

Benefit from the advantages of a gold investment


Historic, proven value retention:

Gold - the timeless store of value. Gold has always proven to be a safe store of value that retains its value regardless of economic fluctuations. Its long tradition as a stable investment haven makes it an indispensable component of any diversified investment strategy.


Preserving value:

Gold - timeless stability. With its ability to retain value over long periods of time, gold is an attractive option for long-term value preservation. Gold's unrivalled durability and stability of value make it a reliable form of investment that guarantees value preservation for future generations.


Protection against inflation:

Gold - the inflation hedge. In times of rising prices, gold retains its purchasing power and protects assets against the negative effects of currency devaluation. As a proven hedge against inflation, gold offers stability and value retention in a volatile economic environment.


Globally recognised:

Gold - global trust. As an internationally recognised and universally accepted precious metal, gold enjoys broad recognition as a safe investment option. Its global acceptance and high demand make it a stable and trustworthy investment in a globally networked financial market.


Diversification of the portfolio:

Gold - the perfect diversification. By adding gold to the portfolio, investors can spread their risk and make their investment strategy more resilient. Gold's low correlation to other asset classes provides additional security and stability, making gold an important part of portfolio diversification.

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