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Tradition & Technology

Welcome to the gold revolution, led by Novem Gold Group! We have decided to take tradition and innovation to a new level by combining traditional gold trading with cutting-edge blockchain technology. This unique combination marks a bridge between proven experience and groundbreaking progress and makes us not only a pioneer in the industry, but also an unrivalled provider of advanced and fascinating investment opportunities. Immerse yourself in the world of Novem Gold Group and experience the gold revolution first hand.


What is the Blockchain?

A blockchain can be thought of as a digital register that stores information in a particular way. Similar to a book, which has a series of pages with entries, the blockchain consists of a chain of data blocks, each of which contains information about transactions. 

A simple example: 

Imagine the blockchain like a public ledger on display in a library. Anyone who wants to can come and write an entry in the book when they transfer money to someone else, for example. The new entry (the block) is only recognised and attached to the book (the chain) after it has been carefully checked by certain library visitors - in this case the "miners". This verification involves the miners solving complex mathematical puzzles to ensure that the entry is authentic.

Once added, the page is visible to all and cannot be changed. The book grows continuously, with each new entry (block) building on the previous one. This creates a long, unchangeable chain of pages (the blockchain). As many copies of this book are distributed worldwide and are constantly updated, it is almost impossible to fraudulently change all the books, which makes the blockchain particularly secure.

The advantages of buying gold in combination with the blockchain:


Transparency and authenticity of transactions


High level of security and traceability


Efficient processing of purchases and sales


Reduction of intermediaries and fees


Global reach and accessibility

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