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Welcome to Novem - your gateway to innovative investment opportunities in gold. Our wide range of products, from flexible gold savings plans to digital innovations, offers you the chance to participate in the stability and value of gold. Discover the world of secure gold investment with Novem and secure a promising future. Take a look at our unique offers and start your journey to long-term success and value preservation today.

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Novem Package (NP)

The Novem Package offers you customised flexibility in gold. Choose from different denominations, from small to large bars, to customise your investment portfolio according to your needs. With guaranteed, secure delivery, the Novem Package offers not only an investment in gold, but also in security and customisability.

Ideal for customised financial strategies.


Novem Package Silver (NPS)

The Novem Package Silver opens the door to a classic silver investment with direct delivery. This package allows you to invest in a wide range of silver products such as bars, coin bars and bullion coins. The variety of options provides the perfect basis to diversify your portfolio comprehensively. Choose the Novem Package Silver for a versatile and secure investment in silver.

Ideal for investors who value choice and quality.

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Novem Exclusive (NE)

The Novem Exclusive savings plan is tailor-made for adults who want to invest in gold. Starting with a monthly contribution of just €50, this savings plan allows you to invest in gold regularly and easily. With automatic delivery of your gold accumulation when you reach 20 or 50 grams, Novem Exclusive combines convenience with the opportunity to persistently and purposefully build up tangible assets. Ideal for anyone looking for a stable and long-term investment opportunity, the Novem Exclusive savings contract offers a solid foundation for your financial prosperity through gold.


Novem Junior (NJ)

The Novem Junior savings plan is your key to a golden future for the youngest members of your family. Specially designed for children and young people up to the age of 18, this unique children's savings plan enables the targeted accumulation of gold. Parents or grandparents can lay this valuable foundation stone for their children or grandchildren. The true value of Novem Junior lies not only in the early accumulation of wealth through precious metals, but also in the valuable lesson of saving and investing from a young age. With an additional 3% bonus per year, Novem Junior offers an attractive opportunity to build up long-term tangible assets from which you can benefit in the future. Encourage your children's financial foresight with Novem Junior.




Immerse yourself in the revolution of digital gold investment - with the NNN , your gateway to the world of gold. Each NNN corresponds to exactly one gram of physical gold, safely stored in Novem's high-security vaults, with no storage costs. This unique digital asset, issued through the Novem Gold Blockchain, offers you not only the security and stability of gold, but also the flexibility to hold it physically in your hands at any time.

The NNN is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a safe and straightforward way to invest in real gold. Perfect for investors who value transparency, security and value preservation. With the NNN, you have the world of gold in the palm of your hand - an innovative investment for a solid future.



Explore the NVM Pro - your ticket to the dynamic world of the NOVEM ecosystem. Originally launched with 300 million tokens, only about 50 million are now available for free sale. The NVM Pro offers its holders specific benefits within the multi-layered Novem Gold Group, which includes Novem Precious Metals, Novem Gold Exclusive and the Novem Gold Blockchain.

By gradually reducing the number of available tokens, the NVM Pro benefits from a continuous increase in value.


This unique "burning" process, funded with 10% of the company's profits annually, incentivises long-term value preservation and growth of the NVM Pro. Immerse yourself in the world of the NVM Pro and secure your share in the success and growth of the Novem Gold Group.

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