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Novem Gold Group: For a Greener Future

At Novem Gold Group, we are committed to promoting sustainability by not only optimising our processes, but also minimising the use of paper through increasing digitalisation. This measure not only helps to reduce paper waste, but also helps to conserve valuable resources and reduce environmental impact.

Furthermore, we at Novem Gold Group have implemented innovative technologies to maximise the efficiency of our supply chains and enable significantly reduced deliveries. By using modern logistics solutions, we minimise our carbon footprint and help to reduce road traffic and associated emissions, which helps to improve air quality and protect the environment.

A Sustainable Partnership

We have made a conscious decision to partner with Heimerle und Meule, a company that is committed to environmental protection and sustainability. Heimerle und Meule relies on environmentally friendly processes and sustainable production practices to minimise the impact on the environment. 

- Resource-saving processing of precious metal-containing residues:

Advanced processes are used to efficiently process precious metal-containing residues, thereby conserving resources and reducing waste.

- Avoidance of environmental pollution in the production processes:

Heimerle und Meule strives to minimise environmental impact and has introduced strict guidelines for compliance with environmental standards. All processes are geared towards minimising environmental pollution and ensuring sustainable production processes.

- Water and air pollution control:

The company continuously monitors water pollution and adheres to strict guidelines to minimise the discharge of pollutants. Similarly, air pollution is monitored and systematically controlled to reduce emissions and limit environmental impact.

These sustainable endeavours demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection and future-oriented entrepreneurship at the Novem Gold Group.

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